Fraser Patterson's personal website.


I have a computer background, but pivoted to psychology. Using calm computing, we can make the world cool.

I'm working on campaigns about voting systems, school letter writing campaigns and books saying porn bad. You can't take yourself too seriously. Having fun optimising an e-ink tablet as my entire computer. It's termux on android running arch linux in chroot displaying an xserver riced using Luke Smith's Linux configs (suckless dynamic window manager dwm

Reckon I'll keep making videos and streaming as long as it continues being fun :o)

Streaming schedule


Future projects

Above projects have priority, but if you have resources that could help with these ones too, hit me up!



Computer time isn't heathly. I seek to mimimise the time we both spend on it. It's probably easiest to say hello on a stream, real time communication is more fun anyway.

I don't believe in long emails. Nobody likes checking email, and the internet is fundamentally flawed; Urbit changes everything. It's for these reasons I'm intentionally hard to reach. If you have an offer, opportunity or introduction that would make my life more interesting, you can:

email interesting [the at symbol][the domain];
or preferably message ~mislyr-midnyt on Urbit.
For the reasons stated above, I’ll only respond to proposals that are a good fit for my schedule and interests.